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deludedextracts said: Hey baby, you're lookin' pretty sweet over there, wanna be the the waffle to my jam? >;] <;] >;] (forgive me <3)


asdkhfaksdhg;laksjdfa;cldj; anytime darlin, just so long as you’re the oregono to my artisanal cheese <3

You got it babe. You and me, we’ll make us some fine pizza lovin’

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Jade + Davesprite for thelastabbytar! I… said I wouldn’t clean this up at all or refine it from a scribble, didn’t I? *unhinged laughter* Welp..

Does anybody who’s still awake want a homestuck scribble?

I need some loosening-up-and-letting-things-go-without-obsessing-over-details practice, if anybody wants a troll, kid, fantroll or lusus doodle I’ll throw a few out there! No promises they’ll be beautiful, but if any of the stuff that comes out feels right I might try inking and/or coloring a few : 3

Throw it in my inbox tho please, so I don’t loose track or get confused!



The ultra-cutie nevereatdirt as the super cute Calliope! I think someone needs to sit me down and explain how long a speed paint is actually supposed to take tho -.-

omigosh asdlkfja;dlfjlj

Thanks for being so adorable, I couldn’t have done it without you! <3

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The ultra-cutie nevereatdirt as the super cute Calliope! I think someone needs to sit me down and explain how long a speed paint is actually supposed to take tho -.-

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Name: Teya
Birthday: September 16th
Zodiac: Virgo
Single or taken: Single atm
Height: 5’2.5”
Eye colour: Blue
Middle name: Rachelle
Favourite colour: Violet or teal~
Lucky number: 4 or 13


Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Favourite fictional character: Probs Cronus fuckin Ampora atm
Favourite TV show: Rn probably anything about serial killers
Favourite season: Autumn!!
Describe yourself in a few words: Hella fuckin gay
Future children’s names: Fuck kids i’m having cats
Meaning of your name: Deer or Princess
What I plan to do for a living: Writing
Starbucks order: Fuck Starbucks, but i’d probs do a venti dirty chai with white chocolate if i could


introvert or extrovert 
dawn or dusk
lefty or righty
coffee or tea
reading or writing

ummm i’m shit at tagging why do i have to do this fuck um how about deludedextracts and johnandkatpluseight!!


Name: Geneve
Birthday: October 4th
Zodiac: Libra
Single or taken: Forever alone
Height: 5’6” ish
Eye colour: Blue
Middle name: Rose
Favourite colour: Green and aqua
Lucky number: 7 & 9


Hogwarts House: Slytherin probs?
Favourite fictional character: Affordable college education
Favourite TV show: Fiiiiiirefly
Favourite season: Autumn!!
Describe yourself in a few words: Unbelievably rediculous
Future children’s names: No, You & STOP THAT
Meaning of your name: I’m a lily xD (No, seriously, my mom was flipping through a lily catalogue and picked a name from it)
What I plan to do for a living: Retreat slowly into myself in a haze of unending adolescence until they have to dig me out of a pit of re-read books and empty coffee cups, or my moose mamma takes me away from it all
Starbucks order: Caramel Brule latte all the way


introvert or extrovert 
dawn or dusk
lefty or righty
coffee or tea
reading or writing


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We had a small not-actually-fire in a flower pot on the patio at work because someone tried to put their cigarette out in it. Naturally this means that when I got home this morning I had to try doing a marshmallow roast bonfire in a pot on my porch. …apparently dirt and a half inch of cigarette do a better job of starting a fire than I do with newspaper, dried branches, a bic lighter and half an hour of determined effort. :/

On the up side, once I get home I’ll be off work until Wednesday night!

Oh, hey, I didn’t get murdered!

I was driving home from work this morning and I drove by a damp and wilting looking hitchhiker. I drove by for a couple miles, sighed, and turned around. He only needed to go like maybe 10 miles, so even tho it was out of my way I just took him. His name was Christian and he was very nice.

I explained to him before he got into the car that it wasn’t that I genuinely thought he was going to murder me, but I would be so embarrassed if something like that happened when I was doing something so totally inadvisable. Neither of us could really think of a good test for serial-killer-ness before he got in, but it was raining and I wanted to go to bed sooner rather than later, so we just went with it.

A weirdly comforting thought was that if I got murdered in the morning, there was absolutely no way anyone could force me to come into work that night =P

Off to bed now! *skips*

Girl Genius - Nuée Ardente - 7/8+ep


Sorin opened the back to — oh wow, toasty warm in there. Emphasis on toast. The metal box that ran like a bench alongside the grate was actually, honest to God red-hot in places. Goodness fucking gracious. The casing was going to warp under its own weight pretty soon at this rate.

He put on his heavy leather gloves, and got his longest tongs, and manipulated the hatches open. A wave of dry heat slapped him across the face. He hurried to let the top hinge closed again. It felt like a foundry in there, and he knew from foundries.

"Wot? Did hyu find a lava cannon back dere?" Velimir inquired, turning to peer through the grate, and yelped a little when he touched it and found it burning-hot.

"I think," Sorin started, slow and mildly incredulous, "we’ve been sitting on a lava engine.”

The Jäger paused. “But iz it about to erupt under our ass cheeks.”

Chapter 7 (only one more and then an epilogue guys! :O)

(also this is totally the porn chapter. but like half of it is not porn in case you don’t like porn. yep. subtle hint.)

Oh gosh, I had never heard of Girl Genius before I read this fic and I… um… wow, I’m just super super in love. I have a massive kink for competent people, and relationships between people who are both not stupid and doing really well under the circumstances, okay?

I really want these two characters to be canon so I can go read more of their story, cause I’m kinda terrifyingly emotionally invested and this hits so many of my favorite tropes.

Oh the rapturous agony xD

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